#3 – Paris Best Views – 6th Floor Centre Pompidou – Arty and Relaxed

Paris best view (6th Floor Centre Pompidou)

#3 – Paris Best Views – 6th Floor Centre Pompidou – Arty And Relaxed

If you like watching the passing parade, then the Pompidou Centre is the place for you. Everyone ends up here: upper-crust Parisians, the arty set that comes to admire magnificent artworks and tourists from all over the world all congregate here to enjoy the magnificent Paris best views from the 6th floor of the Centre Pompidou.

It’s also a fantastic place to relax on a sunny winter’s day. The hall is furnished with colorful sofas where tired tourists (or locals) easily dose off in the relaxed atmosphere.

To enjoy Paris best views, you’re meant to have a ticket for the centre.

Tip: There’s a ‘secret’ elevator route that many locals use to get around this requirement, just turn left as you enter the building via the main entrance (if anyone asks where you’re going, say it’s to ‘George’s’ and take the first elevator on the left as far as it goes).

There’s a second elevator that will take you all the way up to the sixth floor where you can visit George’s or enjoy those lovely sofas!

Details about this spot
6th Floor Centre Pompidou
Paris best view
Place Georges Pompidou
Art & culture, Bars, Relaxing, Restaurants
Wed – Mon 12:00 – 20:50

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