8 Secrets to Booking Cheap Flights

8 Secrets to Booking Cheap Flights

We’ve got a flight expert on hand who will tell you 8 secrets to booking cheap flights

1. Take last-minute deals for domestic flights
Airlines cut prices when they can’t fill planes for an upcoming weekend trip.

2. The best money-saving tip! Leave on a Wednesday, Tuesday or Saturday
Wednesday is one of the three cheapest days to booking cheap flights, the others are Tuesday and Saturday.

3. Break up families or groups into separate purchases
Airlines limit the number of seats they sell at their lowest rate.

4. For extended stays, book two one-way flights
Airlines charge more for extended round-trip flights (more than 4 weeks).

5. Book in advance
The best time to booking cheap flights is 4-8 weeks prior to travel for international travel and 3-6 weeks for domestic flights.

6. Make at least 5 searches to find great deals
Try adding a couple days to your trip before or after peak travel days to lower the fare.

7. Alternate airports
Check nearby alternatives for better flight deals.

8. Compare prices from multiple agencies & book online
One mainstream fare aggregator will almost never save you money.

Booking Cheap Flights

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